2019 – 2020 a review

Farewell 2019

Like every year, I’ve made a collection of some of my favorite pictures of 2019. It is nice to review, to look at all the collections and remember. It started with an charming, cold Winter Wedding in the Iglu Village in Gstaad, and ended late October in the city of Zurich. In between, my assitant and I were up and about, busy capturing not only the best moments, we also laughed, cried, we ran, we fell, we drove, we were there.

I get asked a lot if after so many years, I am not tired of Weddings, after all it’s always the same. No. It is not the same. Every one is different. Every Wedding has it’s own story. Even though I get a big Exel file for the day, at the end we never know what to expect. Every bride who see’s herself in the mirror for the first time is a joy. Every first look is unique. Every time the finished photos go to my couples is a part of personal happiness for me. It’s a part of their life, the short path, we shared together. It is personal. And every Wedding has a little part of me in it. What I saw that day, what I felt that day. And these picture are not just special for them, they are also for the florist who worked so many hours to make the perfect bouquets, or the cake designer, who made a true and delicous masterpiece, or the stylist to make the bride to look at her very best that day. I am not just hitting the shutter. I shoot with my eyes and my soul and that’s what on the picture.

Thank you 2019.



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